Wednesday Window Special: Strane Garlic Butter Indica Flower (Prepacked) $50/E, $85/Q, $150/H, $275/O! Online Shop Sales: Buy One Get One 15% off Select Ingestibles!

~ Limit up to 1 Ounce per patient while supplies. ~ Cannabinoids: THCa 22.37%, THC 0.26%, CBGa 0.65%, CBG 0.16% // Terpenes: b-Pinene 0.04%, b-Myrcene 0.20%, Limonene 0.24%, Linalool 0.10%, b-Caryophyllene 0.33%, Humulene 0.11%, Fenchol 0.03%, B-Eudesmol 0.05%, Caryophyllene Oxide 0.03%. ~ All orders placed after the 5:30pm Preorder cut off time will be filled the following morning, ~ To help avoid wait times, please always wait for your 2nd email confirming your pre-order status and have ID/Cash ready at Pick-up Lanes. ~ * **NEW PATIENTS** * You may now pre-register and place an online order all from home! Click on the login option and then create an account! The last time to register as a new patient and to send in an order is 5:00pm . Must have a valid government ID and printed copy of your MMCC certification. Please remember we are Cash Only. ~

Atmos The Swiss
Strane Gummiez (6pk) 0.5g Hybrid Prerolls

$50.00/prerolls (6pk) 0.5g  

Strane Mac and Cheese (6pk) 0.5g Hybrid Prerolls

$50.00/prerolls (6pk) 0.5g  

Verano Sonny G Swift Lifts 0.5g (5pk) Prerolls

$40.00/prerolls (5pk) 0.5g